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About Pamela

Pam McGowan, BSN

MA Candidate & Clinical Trainee

Thank you for stopping by. Chances are, if you are stopping by, you might be looking to start on your journey of healing or self-discovery. I believe in the power of a good fit for a person with their therapist and will show up for you authentically and empathetically. Your feelings, opinions, and perspectives matter; you can expect me to listen to and respect them.


Know that you don't have to journey alone through ups, downs, and discoveries. We will investigate with curiosity and creativity through a multi-faceted approach tailored to you. I am particularly excited about the ability of art to heal, enhance and illuminate in therapy. But what if you don't think of yourself as artistic? That is alright! Participation in art therapy requires no formal art background, just a willingness to explore. Often just by creating, our art helps express things we do not have the words for or release emotions or energy that feel stuck. We can talk or combine art therapy and talk therapy if you think art is not your preference.


I am working on completing my Master's in Adlerian Psychotherapy and Counseling with an emphasis in Art Therapy and Marriage Couples Family Therapy. Before pursuing my master's, I worked as an RN in surgery and healthcare management. I completed my BSN in nursing and BFA in technical theatre production at the University of Arizona. Art therapy is a perfect fit for me as an empath and can merge the healing properties I find in my work as an artist with my deep love for how the mind works and interacts with others. My background in medicine and my passion for artistic expression create a unique opportunity to explore and embrace holistic wellness with mind, body, and spirit working together.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Currently being supervised by Amy Senapatiratne, MA, LMFT

areas of interest

adults | families | couples | depression | anxiety | grief | familial conflict | trauma | LGBTQIA+ issues | life stressors | art therapy

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