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About Heidi

areas of interest

adults | families | couples | depression | anxiety | grief | familial conflict | trauma | LGBTQIA+ issues | life stressors | spirituality

Heidi Sporre, MA

Hi, I’m Heidi! 

I understand that healing is not linear. Sometimes emotions rise over items that you once considered healed, and I’m here to help to move through them at your speed and help you to honor your journey. How you heal is deeply personal, and I’m looking forward to exploring this with you. You are your best healer; I’m here to guide and support you.

One area that I deeply understand is spirituality. I'm here to help you on your Twin Flame journey, opening to your inner Divine feminine/masculine energy, and what that means. I understand ascension, alignment, and other spiritual connections. Open to all spiritual beings such as Indigos, Star-seeds, and Light-workers. Specialized in the Twin Flame journey.

In my personal time, I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, spending time with my animals, and exploring all that life has to offer.

Currently being supervised by Neko Vanevenhoven, MA, LMFT

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